Collection: PVC Bags & Products

Welcome to our PVC Products collection - your go-to for rock-solid PVC solutions as robust and reliable as your old ute. High-quality, durable and versatile, these aren't just any products; they're defenders of your gear - from trusty tool bags to guardians of essential documents.

If you're after sturdy storage, protective equipment, or a resourceful buddy for the road, this PVC collection is the epitome of perfection with a hefty dose of Carnaby Canvas grit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Australian-Made PVC Bags & Products

How long will it take for my products to arrive?

Most Carnaby Canvas standard products are available in our Perth warehouse for delivery Australia-wide. For selected made-to-order products, we can complete fulfilment within 5 working days. Once ready, your products are shipped via Australia Post, with deliveries completed within 2 - 8 days.

Please note that occasionally, during busy periods, delivery time can be longer. We strive to update you as soon as possible with any delays in delivery time.

Are products from Carnaby Canvas Australian-made?

You bet! Every stitch, fold, and detail is crafted in our Perth-based workshops (Bayswater and Australind). We are a local West Australian family business and take pride in providing durable, locally manufactured canvas and PVC products to Australian businesses and customers.

Can I rely on Carnaby Canvas PVC bags for heavy-duty use?

You betcha! Our PVC bags are built tough. They are perfect for tradies, adventures, and anyone needing gear to handle life's rough and tumble. Rugged reliability is our guarantee!

How do I maintain my Carnaby Canvas PVC products for long-lasting use?

Give 'em a good clean now and again! We recommend a mild detergent wash with a soft cloth or brush and a good freshwater rinse. Try to avoid harsh scrubbing or rubbing with coarse or hard cleaning equipment.

Are Carnaby PVC bags suitable for all weather conditions?

Heck yes! Our PVC bags are designed for all weather and all terrain. Whatever the Aussie climate throws your way, our PVC gear can handle it like a pro.

Are Carnaby PVC products customisable?

Absolutely. Whether you're seeking an additional pocket, a different colour or a new product line to sell in your store, we're happy to facilitate.

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